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Rashmika Mandanna responds, “If your image is used or morphed…,” after the arrest of the primary perpetrator in her deepfake video case

<p>In the deepfake video case involving actress Rashmika Mandanna, the Delhi Police detained the primary culprit on Saturday. In response, Rashmika posted on social media to thank the police for the development.</p>
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<p>“I want to sincerely thank @delhi.police_official. We appreciate your efforts in capturing the guilty. I am really appreciative of the community that protects, loves, and welcomes me. Both boys and girls, if your picture is altered or used elsewhere without your permission. It’s incorrect! She said on her Instagram Stories, “And I hope this serves as a reminder that you are surrounded by people who will stand by you and that something will be done.”</p>
<p>The suspected mastermind, Eemani Naveen (24), was taken into custody by the Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) Unit of the Special Cell. He is accused of creating and sharing deepfake videos of Mandanna on social media, which alarmed prominent figures like Amitabh Bachchan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.</p>
<p>The apprehended individual is a native of the Guntur region in Andhra Pradesh and, according to the police, graduated with a B-tech from a reputable engineering institution in Chennai. Hemant Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner of Police, IFSO Unit, said that Naveen had previously maintained a fan page for Rashmika Mandanna and had also made two more fan sites for other well-known celebrities.</p>
<p>“The main accused, Eemani Naveen, from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, has been taken into custody. He was found to have both a laptop and a smartphone. Additionally, his erased data is being retrieved. At a press conference in Delhi, DCP, IFSO Unit said, “He used to manage a fan page of a well-known movie actress (Rashmika Mandanna) and also created two more fan pages of other notable celebrities.”</p>
<p>The 24-year-old became afraid, according to the senior police officer, after finding out that his recordings had sparked uproar throughout the country. “After a while, when he discovered it had become a nationwide phenomenon. Moreover, he witnessed tweets criticizing the aforementioned deepfake video from well-known movie stars. Fearing for his life, he changed the name of the Instagram channel and removed the offending posts. Additionally, he had erased the pertinent digital data from his gadgets,” the policeman said.</p>
<p>When a deepfake AI-generated video of actress Rashmika Mandanna surfaced online in November of last year, it sparked conversations about online safety. A lady who looked like actress Rashmika was seen getting into an elevator while decked up in a black bikini in the widely shared video. As soon as the video went viral, a number of people on social media confirmed that it was a deepfake.</p>
<p>According to authorities, “More than 500 social media profiles connected to the purported deepfake films were examined throughout the investigation. The Cyber Lab examined the footage. Ultimately, the claimed Instagram account was located after a thorough investigation and questioning of the accused individuals.”</p>
<p>“Further investigation revealed that the deepfake video was uploaded on October 13, 2023, while the actual video of a single British Indian girl was uploaded on October 9, 2023. Eemani Naveen, who confessed to his crime, was found in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, after a team identified the suspect. According to the police, he also said that he is an actress admirer and used to manage her fan page.</p>
<p>“On October 13, 2023, he made the deepfake video and uploaded it to the fan page with the sole purpose of growing the page’s following. The fan following of this page rose from 90,000 to 1,08,000 in only two weeks as a result of this deepfake video, the police continued.</p>
<p>During a prolonged questioning of the accused, Naveen revealed, according to DCP, IFSO Unit, that he obtained a certification in Digital Marketing from Google Garage in 2019 while studying a B. Tech.</p>

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