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When she began her career at age 11, was called a B-grade actress, and departed her job at age 27, Bollywood’s highest-paid star was

<p>In Bollywood, a lot of performers began their careers early and went on to achieve stardom. One such actress, who began her career at the age of eleven, went on to become one of the industry’s highest-paid stars and produced a number of successes. The actress in question, who is regarded as one of the best in the business, overcame breast cancer.</p>
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<p>Despite being called a B-grade actress, the actress went on to appear in over 100 films throughout her career. She did, however, leave the movie business at the young age of 27. She is Mumtaz, that’s for sure.</p>
<p>Mumtaz began her career in 1958 at the age of eleven with Sone Ki Chidiya, and she went on to play supporting parts in movies such as Sehra and Stree. Gehra Daag, written by O. P. Ralhan, was her first adult role. She then had tiny parts in popular films like as Mujhe Jeene Do. She was dubbed a stunt-film heroine, nevertheless, after going on to play the main role in 16 action movies, including Faulad, Veer Bhimsen, Tarzan Comes to Delhi, Sikandar-E-Azam, Rustom-E-Hind, Raaka, and Daku Mangal Singh, with Dara Singh.</p>
<p>Subsequently, Mumtaz appeared in highly acclaimed films like as Brahmachari, Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, and Ram Aur Shyam. Do Raaste was her breakout picture. She went on to become a prominent actress with roles in films like Bandhan, Aadmi Aur Insaan, Sacha Jhutha, Tere Mere Sapne, and Hare Rama Hare Krishna, among others.</p>
<p>She appeared in ten films together as the most successful couple with Rajesh Khanna. She has acted in a number of movies with Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra, and Feroz Khan. But after the 1977 drama Aaina, the 27-year-old actress gave up acting because she wanted to focus on her family after being married to Mayur Madhvani. She did attempt a return in 1990 with the box office failure of the film Aandhiyan, but she eventually retired.</p>
<p>The actress recently said in an interview that Ram Aur Shyam starring Dilip Kumar was a turning point in her career. Prior to it, she was considered a B-grade actress, and no one wanted to work with her. She remarked, “I was labeled as a B-grade actor because I did a lot of small roles,” in an interview with DawnNews. My partner for the humor was Mehboob Sahab. I immediately shut my eyes and went to work. I believed that God was in charge of the rest. My entry into the film business was not the best. Since everyone aspires to climb the success ladder, I won’t hold the heroes responsible for their refusal to collaborate with me. However, Mehboob Sahab asked Dilip Kumar Sahab whether he would collaborate with me on Ram Aur Shyam after showing him one of my sequences. He agreed with him when he said the female was lovely. Dilip Sahab was a very grounded person.</p>
<p>The actress, who charged Rs 2.5 lakh for her roles in late 1960s and early 1970s films, was supposedly the highest-paid actress and was seen as a sex symbol. Following her retirement from cinema, the actress and her spouse relocated to London. They had two daughters, Natasha and Fardeen Khan, who were married in 2006 by Feroz Khan’s son. At the age of 54, the actress received a breast cancer diagnosis. Before her cancer was supposedly cured, she allegedly had 35 radiation treatments and six chemotherapy treatments.</p>
<p>See Salman Khan complimenting Mumtaz on her dancing to Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke.</p>

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