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DNA Explainer: Sania Mirza learned the word “khula” from Shoaib Malik; understand its meaning and distinction from “talaq

<p>The sports communities of India and Pakistan were taken aback on Saturday by the announcement of Shoaib Malik’s second marriage. Malik shared pictures of himself and Sana Javed, his new wife, on social media. The announcement confirmed the rumors that Shoaib and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza would be at odds.</p>
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<p>For many months, there were persistent reports that the couple was divorcing, but none of them spoke out about it. However, Sania’s father said on Saturday that his daughter decided to accept the cricket player’s “khula”.</p>
<p>“A ‘khula’ was involved. Regarding the situation, Imran Mirza, Sania’s father, said, “I do not wish to comment further.” However, what is the distinction between a Khula and a Talaq?</p>
<p>The word “khula” refers to the independent right of a Muslim woman to file for divorce from her husband. Islam allows women the right to dissolve their marriages by filing for divorce. It should be noted that after the divorce, the spouse is now responsible for the upbringing and financial maintenance of the children. The children often reside with their mother until they become “Hizanat.” For males, it lasts seven years, while for girls, it lasts till puberty.</p>
<p>In Islamic law, the Arabic term for divorce is talaaq, which is also occasionally spelled as talaq or talaqah. Saying the word “talaq” three times allows a Muslim man to unilaterally end his marriage; this is a method that is sanctioned by both law and religion. This is known as the triple talaq.</p>
<p>Islamic law states that in order to initiate a divorce, the husband must loudly announce “talaq” three times, adhere to certain rules and waiting periods, and complete certain procedures. Either a single sitting or a longer length of time may be used for this. After each talaq is issued, there is a mandatory waiting time called as ‘iddah during which the wife is not allowed to remarry. The goal of ‘iddah is to determine if the woman is pregnant and to provide time for reconciliation.</p>
<p>Although recognized in Islam, the conditions and process surrounding talaq are interpreted differently by Islamic jurisprudential schools and are up to interpretation. The rules surrounding talaq are also constantly being debated and changed in numerous countries with a majority of Muslims in order to advance justice and protect women’s rights. The major emphasis of these modifications is the fallout from triple talaq.</p>
<p>Shoaib and Sania got married in Hyderabad in April 2010 after having lived in Dubai earlier. Sania never spoke about her mental health on social media, but her tweets did disclose a lot about it.</p>
<p>She had uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram a few days before, with her eyes closed and the caption, “When something disturbs the peace of your heart, let it go,” next to the image.</p>

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