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“Impact Of Tertiary Matrimony”: Shoaib Malik’s Triple No Ball Discourse Incites Social Media Criticism | View Responses

<p>Former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik gained attention on Instagram on Friday after tying the knot for the third time with actress Sana Javed. Fans were not pleased with Malik’s public revelation, however, especially in light of the recent divorce from Indian tennis player Sania Mirza.</p>
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<p>After playing cricket again in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Malik set a record by becoming the first Asian player to score 13,000 runs in Twenty20 matches. When he accomplished this during a Fortune Barishal vs. Rangpur Riders game in Dhaka, Malik joined the ranks of top players, including West Indies great Chris Gayle.</p>
<p>However, after the triumph in the previous game, Malik’s on-field performance against Khulna Tigers in the BPL took an unexpected turn. Malik, who was bowling during the powerplay, amused a lot of spectators by bowling three no-balls in a single over while surrendering eighteen runs, leaving them perplexed. Tamim Iqbal, his captain, and his teammates were also clearly displeased by the strange behavior.</p>
<p>As the Indians win the 2023 ICC Men’s ODI Team of the Year, Rohit Sharma is named captain.</p>
<p>Massive trolling ensued on social media after the triple no-ball over, with many linking Malik’s recent marriage to the on-field gaffe. Malik and Sania had not been seen together much in recent years, and there had been rumors about their tense relationship.</p>
<p>The pair, who had been married for more than ten years, had been divorced for a few months, according to a statement issued by Sania’s family and team.</p>
<p>Sania, who is renowned for keeping her private affairs secret, admitted that the public needed to be informed of the development. In the statement, she wished Shoaib luck on his next voyage. Malik plays in T20s in spite of having retired from the Test and ODI forms, leaving himself open to selection for the 2024 T20 World Cup.</p>
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