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Anu Aggarwal, star of Aashiqui, shares her reaction to seeing a movie after experiencing memory loss: ‘I Couldn’t Connect…’

<p>Aashiqui, a romance film, brought Anu Aggarwal widespread recognition. When it was released in 1990, the movie became an instant hit and is now regarded as a classic. But the actress had lost her memories in a horrific event. Anu Aggarwal recently spoke about the moving experience she had viewing the classic movie after the disaster and said that she found it difficult to relate to the role she had played.</p>
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<p>The actress discussed her career with “I saw the movie while I was experiencing memory loss after the collision. I couldn’t identify to it at all, even when my mother played it for me. I was unable to identify with the female on TV! It’s you, my mother would repeat again and over. I continued staring at it like a kid, but I was unable to relate. She then played me Aashiqui 2, which was available at the moment. But I still didn’t understand anything. “See, this was your film Aashiqui, and now they have made Aashiqui 2,” she said to me. I said to her, “What is two?” due to my ignorance of numbers and what one, two, and three meant. That’s how I felt,” she reportedly said.</p>
<p>“I couldn’t believe the girl on screen was me, but I felt the emotions,” the actress said. The movie evoked such powerful feelings. For this reason, people continue to discuss it. Ultimately, viewers react to what they see, and throughout the movie, they were laughing, sobbing, and tossing money at the screen. That took place as a result of the movie moving you. Anu Aggarwal said that she is now interacting with directors and examining screenplays.</p>
<p>After the accident, Anu Aggarwal practiced spirituality. She accepted Sanyas in 2001, choosing to abstain from sexual relations and wear a head covering. Carrying a backpack, Anu lived a modest life while studying human psychology and the psyche.</p>

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