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What Aamir Khan is concentrating on during his break from movies is revealed by Kiran Rao

<p>Kiran Rao is ready for her newest project, Laapata Ladies, which she and her ex-husband Aamir Khan are co-producing. The cast and crew of the forthcoming movie are now traveling from city to city for promotional events. While the Laapata Ladies crew was recently in New Delhi, our journalist Jaya Dwivedie had an intimate conversation with the director of the movie. Kiran covered a variety of subjects throughout the conversation, including Aamir Khan and his present activities while he is taking a break from acting after the scandal with Laal Singh Chaddha.</p>
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<p>During his break from acting, what is Aamir Khan doing?<br />
The director revealed what Aamir is concentrating on while taking a break from movies, stating, “Aamir Khan loves singing.” He’s taking voice lessons. He wants to perform movie tunes. While many singers want to be actors in movies, Aamir Khan has the opposite desire. Actor Aamir has aspirations of becoming a singer. Both singers and actors are popular career goals. Kiran Rao said in this chat that Aamir is quite sensitive, and that this was evident even in the event of “Lal Singh Chaddha’s” failure. He was very impressed. In addition, he said that Aamir Khan is a really patient guy. He does everything with great ease.</p>
<p>She discussed her divorce with Aamit and their continued friendship in the same interview.</p>
<p>She said that her divorce was unique from other people’s as she planned to stay in close contact with Aamir Khan as a family even after the divorce. Since Kiran said that they want to raise their kid together, they continue to live in the same building as a family and have a close, cordial relationship.</p>
<p>Concerning Laapataa Ladies<br />
Aamir Khan, Jyoti Deshpande, and Kiran Rao are the producers of Laapataa Ladies. Aamir Khan Productions and Kindling Productions are the film’s financiers. Biplab Goswami’s award-winning narrative served as the inspiration for the screenplay. The release date of Laapata Ladies is March 1, 2024.</p>

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