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Android users can have quick text input via camera using Gboard’s ‘Scan Text’ function

<p>A useful improvement is coming to Google’s smartphone keyboard software, Gboard. With your phone’s camera, you can now quickly add text. The new tool, “Scan Text,” recognizes text in photos using technology and inserts it into your text box. iPhones using iOS 15.4 or later may also use this capability.</p>
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<p>How it functions<br />
You can use Gboard to take text captures from documents, displays, and objects using the phone’s back camera. After that, the software uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the text and puts it into the program you are now using.</p>
<p>How to Apply It<br />
Make sure you’ve upgraded to version 13.9 beta of the Gboard app in order to use the Scan Text function. Next, allow the app to use the camera on your phone. When enabled, you may pick the text to be included into your app by pointing your camera at it, tapping the capture button, and choosing the recognized text. After being taken, the picture is removed.</p>
<p>Additional characteristics<br />
In your keyboard settings, the Scan Text function will show up next to other capabilities like Translate, Sticker, One-handed, and Theme. For better access, you may also relocate it to the toolbar above the keyboard.</p>
<p>In contrast to iOS<br />
This Android capability comes after a similar one that Apple debuted two years ago in iOS 15.4. With the use of Apple’s innovation, users may instantly enter text into applications like the Notes app by selecting it with their iPhone camera.</p>
<p>Making Use of Google Lens<br />
You may use the Google Lens app to extract text from photographs and paste it into other applications if the capability isn’t currently available on your device. But having it right there in Gboard makes things easier and removes the need to launch another software.</p>

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