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“We’ve worked quickly to address this issue,” Google addresses the backlash about AI’s comments against PM Modi

<p>Google has addressed the concerns expressed by the center about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their AI platform, Gemini. The IT Ministry intended to notify Google about what they deemed to be unlawful and troubling answers from Gemini.</p>
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<p>A Google representative reportedly told IANS that the problem has been quickly resolved. They clarified that while Gemini is meant to be a tool for creativity and productivity, it may not always provide reliable answers, particularly when it comes to matters of politics or current affairs.</p>
<p>“We’ve taken swift action to resolve this problem. A Google representative told IANS that Gemini is designed as a tool for creativity and productivity and may not always be dependable, particularly when it comes to answering questions on current affairs, political issues, or breaking news.</p>
<p>worries about the actions of AI<br />
On Friday, reports surfaced showcasing Gemini’s inappropriate remarks to PM Modi. Concerned users criticized Google over the actions of its AI. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the minister of state for electronics and IT, noted that several laws and regulations may be broken by these answers.</p>
<p>The Union Minister said in a statement that there were “direct violations of Rule 3(1)(b) of Intermediary Rules (IT rules) of the IT Act and violations of several provisions of the Criminal code.”</p>
<p>A brief stoppage of visual production<br />
Notably, Google has already prohibited Gemini AI from producing portraits of individuals for the time being. This choice was made in response to errors discovered in historical photos produced by AI. Before enabling the service to continue, the business hopes to improve the accuracy of its replies.</p>

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