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Lucas, a former NCT member, apologizes for his previous actions in the documentary Freeze: “Wholly My Own Fault”

<p>On February 24, Lucas, a former member of the South Korean boyband NCT, released the first segment of his YouTube documentary, Freeze. Lucas also participated in WayV, the NCT Chinese subunit, until he left the group in 2023. The rapper Lucas’s management business, SM Entertainment, stated on May 10 of last year that he was leaving both groups and would now be focusing on his solo endeavors.</p>
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<p>After one of his ex-girlfriends came clean and accused him of infidelity and gaslighting her, Lucas took an extended leave of absence from his job in August 2021. Lucas has somewhat addressed the claims in his most recent documentary.</p>
<p>Lucas and his manager-turned-friend had a heartfelt chat in the documentary. The artist indirectly disclosed that he went through a difficult time in his life, which caused him to sink into despair and isolate himself in his home for six months. “I had no desire to take any action. I had a lot of ideas,” he said, going on to describe how stress and worry caused him to start losing hair. He said that since he had lost his appetite, he was not eating enough. Lucas stated he was sorry and that he wanted to die since, in all honesty, he was to blame for his sins. This would not have occurred if I hadn’t done it.”</p>
<p>Lucas said that he purposefully kept himself occupied but felt like “exploding” and almost gave up on life when his manager revealed that he did his best to pull his buddy from the depths of despair and into the outer world. Lucas said, “I did the things I did in the past because I really was out of my mind,” in reflection on his errors. In addition, he spoke about how “lonely” he sometimes felt before acknowledging that, in the last few years, his “views have changed” as a result of learning more about himself and his goals.</p>
<p>Fans of Freeze, part 1, had differing views shortly after its debut. Lucas was criticized by some, but others applauded and stood with him. See some responses below:</p>
<p>Lucas returned to Instagram on February 24th, when he posted a photo of himself there. He also added his own tagging to one of his newly created accounts, signifying a new beginning and his return to the K-pop scene as a solo performer. The singer hasn’t disclosed his plans for the future, if any.</p>

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