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Breaking Her Silence About Being Trolling for Sex Scenes With Ranbir in Animal, Triptii Dimri Says, “I Want to”

<p>The private moments Triptii Dimri had with Ranbir Kapoor in Animal drew a lot of interest as well as criticism. The actress discussed how she was unaffected by the teasing that she received after the release of the Sandeep Reddy Vanga film in a recent interview.</p>
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<p>Triptii, whose profile skyrocketed after the release of Animal, said that she chose to participate in the movie because she thought her cameo was “interesting”. “I understand why I signed up for the movie. Although Sandeep Sir (Sandeep Reddy Vanga) made it obvious that the part would be little, I thought the character had some unique qualities. As performers, we would never be able to achieve what we want to do if we start making judgments based on what others will think of us, Triptii told Vogue India.</p>
<p>After wowing the crowds with her performance in Bulbbul and Laila Majnu, Triptii said, “I want to choose roles that push me out of my comfort zone.” I pay attention to all the advice that is given, but ultimately, intuition is the best source of guidance. I’m permitted to make errors along the path, even if I could.</p>
<p>Triptii said in the same interview that her parents were “taken aback” when they saw her private moments. “My parents were completely rattled when they saw it,” she recounted. We had to debate for a while why that scenario was so important. The actress did, however, also say that she knew her parents were proud of her. Triptii revealed one additional incident that occurred shortly after the premiere of her feature debut, Laila Majnu. After a family gathering, his father had summoned her up on stage and said, “He just wanted to show off, but I went blank.” I was that terrified. I’ve needed a lot of time to adjust to being in the spotlight,” the woman said.</p>

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