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According to Frost & Sullivan, Kia Seltos & Carens have the lowest maintenance costs within the group

<p>According to a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, the leading growth advisory firm in India, Kia leads the field in offering the most reasonably priced maintenance for its well-known Seltos and Carens models.</p>
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<p>According to the data, these cars have the lowest maintenance costs in their respective sectors for both diesel and gasoline versions.</p>
<p><strong>KIA CARENS</strong><br />
According to the survey, Kia Carens is the best option for families with cars since its maintenance costs are the lowest for both petrol and diesel models, which are lower by a considerable margin of 21% and 26%, respectively.</p>
<p>Its diesel versions are particularly noteworthy since they have the lowest acquisition costs, which appeals to today’s discriminating consumers. Carens Diesel also does a great job of saving fuel costs, which further establishes its standing as a high-end family vehicle that offers outstanding value.</p>
<p><strong>KIA Automobiles</strong><br />
Press Release claims that the Seltos, one of Kia’s best-selling innovations, has the lowest maintenance expenses for its gasoline versions, saving an impressive 17 percent over the industry average. Another sector leader and the diesel versions of Seltos are tied for the lowest maintenance expenses. The Seltos maintains its position as one of the best in its class with an overall total cost of ownership (TCO) of third for its petrol variation and second-best for its diesel option.</p>
<p><strong>KIA SONET</strong><br />
Kia has previously received praise for its economical maintenance. Frost & Sullivan recognized the Sonet as having the lowest maintenance costs in the Compact SUV market in December 2023. The study also showed that the maintenance costs of Sonet’s gasoline and diesel versions are, respectively, 16% and 14% less than the sector average.</p>
<p>The National Head of Sales and Marketing at Kia India, Mr. Hardeep Singh Brar, expressed his happiness about the distinction by saying, “We are thrilled to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the makers of one of the most value-driven mobility solutions for new-age customers.” A Kia is an investment for the future because of its premium quality, unrivaled maintenance costs, and residual costs relative to its sector. Choosing one is not simply a smart choice for the present.</p>
<p>According to Frost & Sullivan’s research, Kia cars are among the most affordable options in their respective markets. The poll highlights Kia’s commitment to provide industry-leading goods with the best possible technology, design, and quality, together with internationally recognized after-sales services, which makes them the go-to option for astute consumers.</p>

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