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K-pop artist Aoora performs during the Leeds restaurant debut of Abdu Rozik

<p>K-pop star Aoora, who previously appeared on Bigg Boss 17, recently performed in Leeds for the opening of Abdu Rozik’s new restaurant, Habibi.</p>
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<p>Renowned for his engaging voice and explosive performances, Aoora captivated the audience not just with his K-pop songs but also with his love of Indian music. He sang heartfelt covers of Hindi tunes.</p>
<p>“I would like to congratulate Abdu on his new venture,” Aoora stated. Regarding my performance, I believe that music is a language that talks to the heart and transcends all boundaries.</p>
<p>Excitement and passion pervaded the air as Aoora’s performance broke down barriers and brought together fans from all walks of life to celebrate music and cross-cultural interaction.</p>

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