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Following his Dubai default, Andrey Rublev will retain his ranking points and prize money following an appeal

<p>After Andrey Rublev challenged the penalty of his default from the semifinals for shouting in the face of a line judge last week, the ATP decided on Monday that he would be allowed to retain the ranking points and prize money from the Dubai Championships, less a fine of $36,400</p>
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<p>Rublev expressed his gratitude to the appeal committee for their ruling in a social media post, but he also said that he would want the tour to think about changing the regulation that disqualified him.</p>
<p>“It is my hope that the ATP will examine this rule more closely in the future and make necessary modifications so that an official cannot arbitrarily decide a match without solid proof and without providing the player with a video review,” Rublev said in his statement.</p>
<p>“I swear I will learn from this and try to be a better player and better person,” the statement concludes.</p>
<p>The 26-year-old Russian Rublev, ranked No. 5, lost the match on Friday at 6-5 in the third set due to his opponent Alexander Bublik’s point being given. A tennis player forfeits all money and ranking points earned in a tournament when they are defaulted due to behavior on the court.</p>
<p>The “customary penalties associated with a default… would be disproportionate in this case,” the ATP said.</p>
<p>The tour said, “Testimonials from the player, officials, as well as an examination of all available video and audio materials were taken into consideration during the appeal process.”</p>
<p>It said that Rublev would still be deducted $36,400 for the unsportsmanlike behavior code infraction that the chair umpire had given him.</p>
<p>A player that was eliminated in the Dubai semifinals earned $157,755 in addition to 200 ranking points.</p>
<p>Following the contested point, Rublev gestured toward the baseline, approached the line judge, bent forward, and let out a loud cry. Roland Herfel, the ATP supervisor, appeared in court with a Russian speaker who said that Rublev used a Russian swearing language. Rublev said he didn’t use any vulgar language and was conversing in English.</p>

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