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The First Omen Trailer: A Horror Prequel About Evil Soon Making Its Way To Earth

<p>The official trailer for the new horror movie The First Omen, which is helmed by Arkasha Stevenson, gives viewers a preview of the terrifying story. In addition to Bill Nighy, Charles Dance, Ralph Ineson, Sonia Braga, and Nell Tiger Free, the film has an impressive ensemble. The narrative, which takes place in Rome, is on an American lady who comes to work in the church only to uncover a horrifying plot that completely undermines her faith.</p>
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<p>As a young American lady is sent to Rome to start a life of devotion to the church, she experiences a darkness that makes her doubt her faith and learns of a horrifying plot, according to the official synopsis of the movie provided by 20th Century Studios.</p>
<p>A terrifying clip showing delivery starts the trailer, creating a dreadful atmosphere. It presents Carlita, a disturbed young woman stirring up problems in her church in Italy, and it makes hints about the demonic and monster-filled surroundings. The teaser points to a darker, more sinister reality, despite the convent members’ efforts to brush off the disruptions as pure fantasy.</p>
<p>The Omen film series, which began with the 1976 classic and was subsequently recreated in 2006, includes The First Omen. Three follow-ups to the series have been released throughout the years, all focusing on themes of the Antichrist and demons. After a 2006 reboot, the series is back with The First Omen, which promises to dig further into its unsettling backstory.</p>
<p>The First Omen’s concentration on religious themes is what makes it unique. This prequel takes place in an Italian convent instead of the normal family house where the first film, which centered on a little child called Damien who was thought to be the Antichrist, was based. The tale is given an unusual twist by the contrast of religious devotion with the evil powers of Satan, which promises a compelling and original plot.</p>
<p>Nell Tiger Free (Servant), Ralph Ineson (The Northman), Sonia Braga (Kiss of the Spider Woman), Tawkeef Barhom (Mary Magdalene), and Bill Nighy (Living) are among the cast members of The First Omen. Based on characters developed by David Seltzer (The Omen), the film is directed by Arkasha Stevenson (Legion). Tim Smith, Arkasha Stevenson, and Keith Thomas (Firestarter) wrote the script, while Ben Jacoby (Bleed) provided the plot. The movie is produced by Hellraiser’s David S. Goyer and The Night House’s Keith Levine, with executive producers Tim Smith, Whitney Brown (Rosaline), and Gracie Wheelan.</p>
<p>Horror enthusiasts can’t wait for The First Omen to open in theaters this spring. They want it to be a terrifying movie that keeps them on the edge of their seats.</p>
<p>This year on April 5, the movie will be released in theaters.</p>

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