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Exclusive: Adil Khan Duraani: Rakhi Sawant and I were married for the first time, but at that time, she was already married to someone else, thus our first marriage is worthless

<p>On March 3, ‘Bigg Boss 12’ participant Somi Khan and Adil Khan, the ex-husband of Rakhi Sawant, sealed the marriage in a nikah ceremony. Adil deliberately chose a low-key wedding to shield their union from any unfavorable publicity. Recently, Adil and Somi Khan spoke with ETimes TV exclusively. Adil answered all of the inquiries about his union with Somi Khan.</p>
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<p>The couple expressed worry that their nuptials might be seen as a publicity stunt. Adil Khan emphasized that Rakhi cannot make anybody happy and expressed his desire to move on from his history with Rakhi Sawant. He attacked Rakhi, accusing her of spreading negativity all the time.<br />
Regarding his union with Somi Khan, my marriage to Rakhi Sawant is invalid.<br />
Rakhi Sawant was already married to someone else when we were married, so any conversation about our wedding is meaningless. I do not know whether I will be able to do this. A legal lawsuit is already pending. A common query among individuals is, “How did I get married again?” Thank God, since I’m a Muslim and can get married, I have every right to do it again. In front of my family, I performed nikah correctly. My marriage was not held in secrecy. Band Kamre mein nikah nahi kiya hai maine, bina family ke. With the consent of Somi and my family, I have provided Meher with appropriate care. I handled a reception as well. Following their legal marriage, Somi and I had a great time together. It’s okay for me to get married.<br />
Somi Khan: We have followed all the formalities exactly as they are in weddings, and he has every right as a human being to go on in life, be happy, and choose a mate for himself. Not only does he have the right to pick a spouse for himself, but he also has the freedom to move on from his past, be happy, and practice his religion. Nothing about it seems improper to me. I don’t think you should quit moping over anything that has occurred to you since, after all, life isn’t perfect. You should go on with your life to preserve your own sanity. As his wife and a human being, I always stand by him and think he has made the correct decision.<br />
I am well aware of Rakhi Sawant, as she has consistently disseminated negativity and is incapable of bringing joy to anyone. Oh my goodness, woh bol rahi hai kar rahi hai. I deserve to have a wonderful life, and I am now enjoying one since she has done a lot of awful things in my life. After the horrible history, I never thought I would find such a wonderful companion so quickly, but I have had an incredible life. Jeetna: I can’t believe how negative things can be. She can never provide pleasure to anyone and has always spewed negativity. I’m not like her, Kisi; insaan ke life mein entrance karke khushiyaan nahi de sakti hai. I adore spreading joy, and Somi has done the same for me. Together, we have a pleasant and tranquil existence.</p>

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