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Anupamaa: Anupamaa confronts Toshu on the theft; online users respond

<p>There were some unexpected twists and turns in the most recent episodes of Anupamaa. Anuj discovers that Toshu stole a costly necklace from an event and placed it in Anupamaa’s purse after looking through the CCTV footage. When Anupamaa realized that her son Toshu was really the one at fault, she had an emotional collapse. She then chooses to address him with the same issue.</p>
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<p>In the most recent episode, Anupmaaa was wrongfully accused of robbery and ended up behind bars. However, after reviewing the CCTV tape, Anuj discovered that Toshu was the one who had really committed the crime. Anupmaa was astonished to learn about this from him later on.<br />
On social media, many responded to the same and shared their opinions. They also gave Rupali Ganguly’s performance in the play high marks. “Baa has known #Anupamaa for more than 30 years, yet she was thought to be the culprit because the necklace was found in her bag,” a user said. She doesn’t give anybody the chance to criticize and defame her, and she will never, ever stand up for her. However, Anu delivered and cooked for her. Equality for women or enslavement?</p>
<p>Another commenter said, “It costs a lot to get bail in the United States.” Who covers the cost of it? I hope those who accused him received an answer. Anuj would never abandon Anu; he ensured that she was granted bail. Even though he is in India, Anu is the one thing that worries him. “A man for a purpose, #AnujKapadia, #Anupamaa.” One user said, “Yashdeep and Biji have made a significant contribution to Anuj’s help; they cannot be discredited.” Anuj isn’t always #Anupamaa’s lone rescuer. How they watch the program, where he says the price of bail—Deepu has already made arrangements and paid—he told the lawyer he would cover the cost of legal representation.<br />
The show’s viewers can’t wait to see what happens next.</p>

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