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India will soon see the introduction of the Infinix Note 40 5G series: What is known so far

<p>A new Note series smartphone from Infinix is scheduled to launch in India. The business has verified that the Infinix Note 40 series will be available in India when it launches internationally on March 18. The smartphones that will be released under the Note 40 series have not yet been verified by Infinix, but based on internet sources, the company is probably going to release the Note 40, Note 40 Pro 4G, Note 40 Pro 5G, and Note 40 Pro+ 5G models. All of the information you want is provided here.</p>
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<p>Infinix has announced the debut of the Infinix Note 40 5G series in India via a press release. The business did not, however, provide any information on the models that would be introduced in India or the launch schedule.</p>
<p>Additionally, the business has produced a teaser video on YouTube featuring a device with a rectangular camera unit at the back and a shimmering golden finish. During the YouTube video, the business also hinted about “AI Active Halo Lighting.”. The business claims that this functionality will be available for the first time in India with this series.</p>
<p>The business claims that the Active Halo is an AI-supported feature that combines lighting effects and voice commands. It may be used to match incoming calls, get alerts, charge, play music, and play games, among other things. It can converse with the ‘Hi Folax’ voice assistant as well. The wake phrase ‘Hi Folax’ allows users to personalise the ‘Active Halo’ command.</p>
<p>Three different lighting effects are available for this function, and the user may adjust them to suit their tastes. Rhythmic, AI, and lively are the names of these effects. The rhythmic pattern may be used to synchronise with music playing, the lively animation can be used to convey specific alerts, and the AI effect can be used to announce incoming calls via different light patterns.</p>
<p>While there is currently no information available on the Infinix Note 40 series’ Indian versions, 3D curved AMOLED panels are anticipated for the worldwide models.</p>

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