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Meet the school dropout who, with a little cart and Rs. 13,000, began a business and today controls a Rs. 20000 crore firm. His net worth is

<p>Some individuals experience hardships and setbacks at a very early age, but they persevere and exhibit resilience, and as a result, their lives become inspirational success tales.</p>
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<p>We are discussing someone who will strengthen your conviction in willpower, diligence, and perseverance. It’s Hatsun Agro Product chairman RG Chandramogan, who is seventy-four years old.Once a school dropout, he made his fortune by selling ice cream from carts. Today, he is the owner of the biggest private dairy enterprises in India.</p>
<p>Chandramogan, a Thiruthangal, Chennai, inhabitant, dropped out of school due to financial difficulties, and his family sold everything. Chandramogan started his career earning Rs 65 by working at a lumber depot, while his father had a modest supply store. Then, in 1970, he left his job and opened an ice cream shop in a 250 square foot space with only three employees. With merely Rs 13,000 spent, he operated 15 pushcarts to sell ice cream.</p>
<p>Even though his business had difficulties in the beginning, Chandramogan was motivated to keep going since it made over Rs 1.5 lakh in the first year.</p>
<p>Chandramogan identified a service need in the ice cream market and used this information to reach a transformative stage in 1981. Chandramogan established his “Arun” ice cream brand as the industry leader in Tamil Nadu by capitalizing on the market of small cities. He changed the name of his brand to Hatsun Agro Product in 1986.</p>
<p>It is now among the biggest private dairy enterprises in India. It brings in an astounding Rs 20,000 crore in income. According to Forbes’ wealthy list, Chandramogan has a net worth of more than Rs 13,000 crore ($1.7 billion). 42 nations sell his items. As the Managing Director of the organization, C Sathyan is the son of Chandramogan.</p>

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