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Eliminate and Enrich Your Way To Good Health

In the journey towards optimal health, the rule is simple: eliminate and enrich. While it sounds straightforward, implementing this principle can be quite challenging. The idea of eliminating, or detoxing, involves letting go—not just of physical toxins but also of mental and emotional baggage. For instance, many of us let past experiences dictate our present choices. If you’ve had a bad experience with quinoa in the past, you might always think it’s going to taste terrible. Only by letting go of these preconceptions can we make space for the present.


Urbanization and modern living have inundated us with toxins, from pollution and preservatives to pesticides and excessive sugar. Just one spoonful of sugar can deplete numerous vitamins and minerals in our bodies, leading to poor nutrient scores, weakened immunity, and a buildup of heavy metals. This keeps us in a constant state of inflammation, feeling sick, tired, and unwell.


Nutrients like magnesium are crucial for reducing elevated blood sugar. When blood sugar levels rise, our bodies require more magnesium, which means magnesium supplements and magnesium-rich foods should be considered. Zinc depletion can cause insulin surges, and stabilizing blood sugar requires adequate levels of chromium, potassium, and B vitamins. These nutrients are essential not just for blood sugar regulation but for various other vital functions in our bodies. Unfortunately, depleted soil, contaminated air, and water, and poorer nutrient availability are aging us faster and leaving us exhausted.


While we cannot control the world around us or our exposure to all pollutants and chemicals, we can make strategic dietary changes that can heal the gut, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support the liver, and lower our overall toxic load. 


Think about the last time you felt truly healthy. How do you feel now? It might be time to reconsider what you’re eating and try a detox. If you’re craving carbs, feeling bloated, exhausted, foggy, experiencing body or joint aches, or struggling with concentration, sleep, or weight loss, you likely need to detox. 


Empower and nourish your life with nutrients to add life to your years and years to your life.


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