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Ananya Dasmahapatra: Transforming Education & Empowering Dreams

Ananya Dasmahapatra, the founder of Ana Knowledge Arena Pvt Ltd, has overcome challenges to establish a successful educational company specializing in Abacus education. Her journey, supported by her husband and team, led to recognition, including the “Ananya Samman” and “Bengal Icon” awards. Despite initial skepticism about Abacus, the company now thrives, promoting transformative education in multiple languages. Ananya’s vision extends to establishing a school focused on holistic development. Ana Knowledge Arena caters to diverse audiences, offering courses in English, Hindi, Bengali, and Odia, with a unique zero-investment franchise option. Join Ananya’s mission and turn dreams into reality.

Ananya Dasmahapatra’s remarkable journey in education extends beyond accolades. Her commitment to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, especially women, stands out. The recognition received, such as the “Best Teacher Award” and the prestigious “Serar Sera Samman” for the best academy, reflects her dedication.

The challenges faced, both financial and emotional, underline the resilience required to pioneer a new learning method like Abacus in society. Ananya’s story showcases the importance of a strong support system, with her husband, director, and training manager playing pivotal roles as Mr.Shyamapada Sahoo and executive director Mr. Hillol Roy and training manager  Mrs Sushmita Roy.

The future holds a vision for a school that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on nurturing human greatness. Ananya’s passion for education transcends language barriers, offering courses in various languages and catering to a wide audience, from students to housewives and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Ana Knowledge Arena Pvt Ltd goes beyond being just a company; it embodies a commitment to transformative education and making entrepreneurship accessible to all. Ananya’s story inspires others to overcome obstacles and turn their aspirations into reality. Join her in the journey of making dreams come true from the comfort of your own drawing room.

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