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After claiming that “Jesus Drank Wine,” Vijay Antony gets into trouble and says, “It’s Saddening That…”

<p>Actor and music composer Vijay Antony courted controversy when he said something about alcohol and Jesus Christ. During a press conference for his forthcoming movie, Romeo, the Tamil actor spoke about the drinking culture and said that alcohol is not a new discovery. Then he said that Jesus had a wine drinking habit. A portion of social media users, particularly Christians, were offended by this comment. This sparked a fierce outcry. Vijay has clarified his comments in a statement.</p>
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<p>Written in Tamil, Vijay apologized for the misinterpretation of his comments and reassured everyone that it wasn’t meant that way. It grieves me that some of you have been harmed by my comment, which was misinterpreted. I never stated anything incorrectly, so please don’t take anything I say the wrong way. He said, “Even in dreams, I cannot present in a negative light someone like Jesus Christ, a person who transcends religion and gave his life in order to save others.</p>
<p>According to The Indian Express, Vijay was questioned about the poster by a member of the press last week when he was talking about his movie Romeo. On the eve of their wedding, Vijay and his co-star, Mrinalini, could be seen preparing a drink for themselves in the poster. When the journalist questioned if the movie and the poster were meant to encourage ladies to drink, Vijay responded negatively and brought up Jesus Christ.</p>
<p>Let’s not say that guys are the only ones who drink. Everyone is allowed to drink. Women are entitled to drink if men are. I do not advocate for drinking. I’m just stating that men and women share everything. He said, “If we are going to tell both sexes that drinking is bad, then we should tell them so.”</p>
<p>Vijay said, “Nothing like that,” when asked whether the movie was attempting to attribute the growth in female drinking to the IT revolution. We have a lengthy history of drinking. We used to consume “sarayam,” which Tamil Nadu has outlawed. We consume different drinks now. Even Jesus Christ drank alcohol two thousand years ago.</p>
<p>Romeo, which is directed by Vinayak Vaithianathan, has Mrinalini Ravi and Vijay Antony as the main characters. VTV Ganesh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ilavarasu, Sudha, and Sreeja Ravi make up the supporting cast. With the movie under his recently established production company, Good Devil Productions, Vijay Antony is also making his feature debut as a producer. Farook J. Basha is the cinematographer, while Barath Dhanasekar is in charge of the soundtrack. Red Giant Pictures has bought the film’s distribution rights. The release date is set for the next summer, subject to an official announcement.</p>

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