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Nayak 2: Siddharth Anand To Helm Follow-Up Movie? Breaking his silence, Deepak Mukut said, “It’s shocking.”

<p>Anil Kapoor’s Nayak became a tremendous blockbuster back in 2001. The movie has developed a cult following over the years, and there are now rumors circulating that a sequel is in the works. The most recent rumor said that Milan Luthria would be directing Siddharth Anand’s follow-up to the movie. Producer Deepak Mukut, who recently disclosed in an interview that he owns the rights to Nayak, was taken aback by the revelation.</p>
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<p>Deepak said, “I have owned the rights to Nayak for a long time,” in an interview with Bollywood Hungama. I had a conversation with Siddharth Anand. However, nothing was decided. Thus, I will choose who I want to work with to create the movie. I’m conversing with someone else as well. I have no idea how this news got to be publicized. I find that really disturbing.</p>
<p>“If he wants to make Nayak 2, then he has to do it with me,” Deepak said. He lacks the rights, so he cannot go forward on his own.</p>
<p>In response to Mukut’s question, “I was not aware at all,” Siddharth said he was unaware that he was going to work with Milan Lutharia on a sequel. Siddharth Anand said, “He can’t,” when asked what would happen if he went ahead and made the movie. Given that he lacks the necessary rights, how can he?</p>
<p>Additionally, Deepak Mukut disclosed how he came to own the rights to Nayak. “I got the rights from Mr. A. S. Rathnam, who produced Nayak,” he said. His other movies, such as Tejasvini (1994), Dil Hi Dil Mein (1999), etc., are likewise under my negative rights. I obtained these rights ten years ago.</p>
<p>“Nayak 2 will be produced by Siddharth and Mamta Anand under their banner, Marflix Pictures,” according to an earlier Pinkvilla story. Similar to the first movie, this one will also be directed by Milan Luthria and will be a large-scale commercial entertainment piece with a political theme. The narrative has been cleverly crafted by the creators to naturally transition into the Nayak sequel while also having a strong vigilante movie undertone.</p>

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