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Floods Can Be Predicted By Google’s AI Model Up to Seven Days Ahead: This Is How

<p>People go to Google during a crisis for reliable and important information that will enable them to protect their family and themselves. The software business claims that new technology might provide climate-vulnerable places worldwide with early warnings of major flooding events, according to the most recent updates.</p>
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<p>According to Google, their artificial intelligence (AI) has predicted riverine floods up to seven days ahead of time with reliable accuracy, serving residents in 80 countries. The research showed the potential of machine learning in addressing one of the most frequent natural catastrophes around the globe and was published in the scientific journal “Nature.”</p>
<p>According to a Google blog article, floods are the most frequent natural catastrophe and directly threaten over 1.5 billion people, or about 19 percent of the world’s population. Major flood disasters occur all over the globe.</p>
<p>With an average prediction time of just five days, Google’s AI-powered method has significantly improved global flood predictions. The business used historical events, river level measurements, height, topographical data, and other data to train machine learning models, which were then used to produce localized maps and run hundreds of millions of simulations for each location. The report went into great depth about this process. Even in regions with little data, the models were able to accurately predict impending floods because of their meticulous technique.</p>
<p>The technique has proved especially influential in underrepresented regions, like Asia and Africa, where most rivers lack streamflow gauges, making flood forecasting challenging in the past. By using the data that was already accessible and applying a machine learning model to areas where data was not available, Google’s AI was able to overcome this obstacle.</p>
<p>A total of 460 million people reside in 80 countries and may access these flood estimates via a number of channels, including Google Maps, Android notifications, Google Search, and the company’s own Flood Hub web app, which launched in 2022.</p>
<p>Google plans to keep investigating how machine learning may be used to create more accurate flood prediction models in the future. The firm has collaborated with university academics to further the AI-driven method, with the ultimate goal being the development of a worldwide platform for end-to-end flood forecasting.</p>

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