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Is It Time To Make A Change? Follow These Procedures To Move WhatsApp Conversations To Telegram

<p>Accessibility is crucial in today’s digital environment, since many programs update their features often to improve user experience. Users of the popular messaging service Telegram may easily export their conversations from one app to another thanks to its migration function. Verify that Telegram has 7.4 version installed, since this update has the chat migration functionality. Here’s a quick tutorial that can be used on iOS and Android phones to move a conversation from WhatsApp to Telegram.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-544685″ src=”” alt=” is it time to make a change follow these procedures to move whatsapp conversations” width=”1015″ height=”761″ title=”Is It Time To Make A Change? Follow These Procedures To Move WhatsApp Conversations To Telegram 12″></p>
Take these steps to move WhatsApp conversations to Telegram on your iOS device:</p>
<p>Launch WhatsApp and go to the conversation you want to export’s Contact Info tab. To access the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, swipe left to right.</p>
<p>You’ll now be given the option to decide whether to bring back the conversation with or without media. Choose the one that best suits your tastes.</p>
<p>Select your option and then press “Export Chat.” Next, choose ‘Telegram’ from the Share menu’s available selections. This will start the exporting of the conversation to Telegram.</p>
Here’s a comprehensive instruction on moving WhatsApp conversations to Telegram on an Android device:</p>
<p>Launch a WhatsApp conversation by tapping the region directly next to the contact’s profile image at the top of the screen. In doing so, the Contact Info page will open.</p>
<p>Next, touch on “More,” which is usually indicated by an ellipsis or three vertical dots. Choose ‘Export Chat’ from the option that displays.</p>
<p>After that, a pop-up asking whether you want to export with or without media will appear. Choose the one that best suits your tastes.</p>
<p>From the Share menu, click ‘Telegram’ after making your choice. This will start the importation of the conversation into Telegram.</p>
<p>You will be able to locate the particular WhatsApp conversation on Telegram after completing these procedures. Moreover, the imported messages will still have their original timestamps and be identified as such at the bottom by a flag. There isn’t a bulk transfer option available at the moment; you can only move conversations individually. Group conversations may also be exported using this technique.</p>
<p>It’s also crucial to remember that media and communications sent to Telegram won’t take up extra space on your smartphone. By going to the “Data and Storage Usage” page in the Settings menu, users may optimize storage consumption and manage cache size.</p>

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