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Renowned Actor Rohit Choudhary Joins “The Maharashtra Files” Cast, Showcasing Electrifying Dance Sequence with Gautami Patil

Rohit Choudhary, acclaimed for his captivating performances, including his memorable role of Major Malik in “Gadar 2”, takes center stage once again in the highly anticipated Marathi film “The Maharashtra Files”. Directed and produced by the visionary Sanjiv Kumar Rathod, the film serves as a poignant exploration of the challenges faced by marginalized communities, woven into a tapestry of compelling storytelling.

Choudhary’s involvement in the project goes beyond his exceptional acting abilities; he also assumes the role of co-producer, lending his creative vision to the film’s production. His dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence are evident in every frame, promising an immersive cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.

One of the film’s most anticipated highlights is a mesmerizing dance sequence featuring Rohit alongside the talented Sabse Katil Gautami Patil. Their on-screen chemistry ignites the screen, adding depth and emotion to the narrative. Patil’s portrayal as a bar dancer is both captivating and poignant, while Choudhary’s presence adds a layer of intensity and authenticity to the scene.



The synergy between Rohit Choudhary and Gautami Patil in this dance sequence serves as a testament to the film’s commitment to showcasing diverse talents and narratives. Their seamless performance not only captivates but also resonates with audiences, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

Scheduled for release on 13th September 2024, “The Maharashtra Files” is set to premiere in over 850 theaters across Maharashtra, India, and worldwide. With its powerful storytelling, stellar cast including Mangesh Desai, Usha Nadkarni,

PranavRao Rane, Sayaji Shinde, Rohit Choudhary, Nagesh Bhosle,

Veena jamkar, Sunny Leone, Sapna Chaudhary, Gautami Patil,

Aryan Rathod, Nitin Jadhav, Suresh Pillai, Sunil Godse, Krutika

Tulaskar, Sushil Rathod, Mansi Chavan, Viruswami, Ravi Dhanve

and Pramod Gaikwad. Vikrant Antil is creative producer of the movie. “The Maharashtra Files” is co-produced by Shalini Rathod and Rohit Choudhary (Jay kay Productions) the film is poised to make a significant impact on the cinematic landscape, sparking important conversations and fostering empathy for the struggles faced by marginalized communities.

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