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Agastya and Jaya Bachchan were moved to tears by Navya Naveli Nanda’s pasta recipe

<p>What The Hell is Navya? Naveli Nanda’s podcast. With every episode, Navya’s momentum has increased. Admirers are curious to learn more about Navya and her mother Shweta Bachchan’s distinct generational viewpoint after seeing their amusing repartee. Navya covered a broad variety of subjects in the second season, such as social media anxiety, contemporary love, and other life’s obstacles. The three luxuriate in talking about their families’ culinary customs in the most recent episode. Navya related a fascinating story about her encounters in the kitchen.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-539066″ src=”” alt=” agastya and jaya bachchan were moved to tears by navya naveli nandas pasta recipe” width=”1013″ height=”760″ title=”Agastya and Jaya Bachchan were moved to tears by Navya Naveli Nanda's pasta recipe 15″></p>
<p>Navya Naveli Nanda spoke out about her liking for spicy cuisine in the most recent episode. But when she gave cooking a try, it did not turn out the way she had planned. She recounted an occasion when she made Aglio e Olio for her grandma Jaya Bachchan and brother Agastya Nanda. But her passion for heat inspired her to add a lot of zing to the meal. They said, “Are you trying to kill us?” Navya cried out. This spaghetti has an incredible amount of chili. Her brother and grandma were crying while they ate. Even if it wasn’t to their tastes, they both made sure to finish everything.</p>
<p>Next, Navya said that aloo chilka was her family’s favorite meal throughout the episode. Every household has a distinctive dish, and theirs is aloo chilka, she says. She also disclosed the practice of giving dishes—like Mama Toast and Nani Ma’s Bengali-style khichdi—names after family members. Additionally, Navya has her own homemade aloo. Surprisingly, however, Abhishek and Agastya Nanda don’t have a trademark dish.</p>
<p>They also disclosed that Shweta Bachchan’s pasta is Amitabh Bachchan’s favorite meal. Jaya Bachchan said that Amitabh becomes agitated when he is served pasta that is not cooked by Shweta Bachchan. The megastar, according to Navya, constantly says, “I will eat Shweta’s pasta.” Jaya went on to say that he constantly insists on Shweta showing up.</p>
<p>In the meantime, Navya Naveli Nanda returned for a second season of the podcast in February after a well-received first season, and it has already released around eight episodes. In 2022, Navya started her podcast alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors. All of the episodes are accessible on her own YouTube channel.</p>

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